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   I fell in love with travelling before I even started to travel.  The idea of seeing new places, meeting new people, trying different types of food seized me. And come to think of it what about travelling that one can dislike?! You don’t need reasons to travel. You don’t need someone to convince you to go and watch that Real Madrid match that you’ve always wanted to attend live, to go to the foreign opera show that you love, to visit that amazing palace which you have read so much about and actually be there at the footsteps of those who lived and helped build it, to marvel at the beauty of this water fall, or to even let yourself be captivated by the beauty of the world when seen from the top of the highest mountain. How can a person overlook the privilege that travel brings him/her? Travel enriches your soul with beauty, humor, love, music, and blessings. Yes, travel is a blessing and I can’t be more grateful for it. Getting to plan and organize a trip is one of my absolute pleasures. Travel shows you a side of yourself that you didn’t know existed. It reveals the true face of people you thought you knew and introduce you to whole other people. 

   In my latest trip to Italy I had the chance to interact more with the locals and other travelers. Talking with different minds provided me with new perspectives for life. It showed me a new side of the story and at the end of the day I was amazed by how we all looked the same despite our differences. It gave me such an energy rush to take steps towards what I wanted to do in my life. It was an overwhelming experience that put me back on track with decisions I’ve been holding off. I was more convinced that it’s not too late to go for what you want or to try and regain something you have lost.

   Traveling made me who I’m today. It helped me realize what I love and what I want my life to be. I have a passion for traveling and discovering new places. And I can’t wait for what my next trip will teach me or add to my personality. Travel stories are part of my life story with all the places, people, moments and newly made friendships. 

   Travel to discover who you are and what you are made of. Take a long trip somewhere and get to know yourself and you will know that to go somewhere new is to put those little pieces of yourself together.  

   But travelers meet other people on the road who are feeling just the same. As they talk, they realize that they are not alone; they become traveling companions and share their solutions to various obstacles. And they all feel wiser and more alive than they thought they were ~ Paulo Coelho.

Marwa El - Agroudy 


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