Best E-books about Marketing - free download

أفضل الكتب الإلكترونية فى التسويق - Bestb E-books about Marketing

1 - Social Media Marketing - E-books  

2 - Strategic Marketing: Planning and Control 

3- Social Media Marketing For Dummies

4- Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day

5- Digital Marketing Analytics

6- Principles of Marketing

7- Guerrilla Selling 2 - Guerrilla Marketing Expert

8- International Marketing

9 - The Marketing Book

10- Marketing Management, Millenium Edition

11- Relationship Marketing Strategy and implementation

12- Event Marketing: How to Successfully Promote Events, Festivals

13- Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World

14- Proven Methods For Successful Search Engine Marketing

15- Basic Marketing: A Global Managerial Approach

16- Core Concepts of Marketing

17- Guerrilla Marketing For Real Estate Investors

18- How to gain customers and increase profits with B2B marketing

19- Fashion Marketing, Third Edition

20- Huge Profits with Affiliate Marketing