Papers in Arabic-English Translation Studies

Papers in Arabic-English Translation Studies
The second volume in the series "Papers in Arabic-English Translation Studies 2" by Professor Mohammed Farghal et al has recently been published (Fadaat 2017). This volume, which aims to bring together and update several scattered contributions in one volume, consists of 14 self-contained articles dealing with a variety of topics in Arabic/English Translation Studies and is hoped to help in catering for the needs of students, researchers, and practitioners who usually experience difficulty in locating research dealing with this area. The textual data is drawn from published material belonging to different types of discourse including the literary,  the religious, the journalistic, the legal, etc. The discussion does not seek to offer final solutions but rather to engage the reader in a kind of critique that would help establish what we may call ‘translational argumentation’ which aims to link theory with practice in a coherent way. 


هام جدا

السادة قراء، وكتاب موقع ورقة - war2h الكرام

خلال أيام يتعرض موقع ورقة للتوقف نظرا لحلول موعد {التجديد السنوي للدومين سيرفر} الخاص بالموقع.

لذلك نطلب من محبي موقع ورقة ومتابعيه قراء وكتاب، بالمساهمة الرمزية لضمان استمرارية دعم الموقع للكتاب الشباب وخدماته المختلفة والمجانية.

للمساهمة من خلال

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